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Services Icon Bookkeeping

As a business owner, you will need to understand and evaluate how your business is doing financially. The first step in doing so is getting your bookkeeping updated. Once updated, Padgett Business Services can build out a profit and loss statement to help you understand the financial health of your business.



Services Icon Payroll

What we’ve found is that oftentimes one of the largest headaches for business owners has to do with payroll. Setting up and structuring payroll efficiently and effectively is one of our core services. We can help your payroll become a solution not a problem. Using ADP’s platform, we can satisfy all of your payroll needs with fewer headaches.


HR Services


Recognizing the importance of finding talented, experienced staff is often a key determining factor in companies that go on to become much more successful in the future. At Padgett, we understand the importance of being compliant and having the right policies to avoid expensive mistakes and lawsuits. We can also help you find the right talent to make your business better.


Tax Preparation & Planning

Services Icon Tax Preparation

You work hard to build and grow your business and you want to protect the profit and success of your labor. At Padgett, we are here to help you develop the right strategies to keep most of what you earn while being compliant with tax laws, so you don’t have to worry about expensive audits.


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